What is g-ecofoam?

Spray Foam Insulation is the best ecological and hygienic practice of construction nowadays, it offers greater energy efficiency and is so economic.

Why to use g-ecofoam?

vinieta_b The foam act is like a insulation and sealant of airholes in your house.
vinieta_b The insulation spreads through the airholes, frames, supports or beams and it expands to fill all gaps.
vinieta_b The Spray Foam fills all gaps in the wall and seal all airholes in only one step.
vinieta_b The Spray Foams are excellent thermal insulation.
vinieta_b It is applied in liquid form.
vinieta_b It is fast drying.
vinieta_b The g-ecofoam team are certificates to use spray foam products, they knows the best way to apply it, your work is careful and aesthetic.
vinieta_b It is a more higher product that fillers fiberglass, this prevents a expensive labor and domestic pest because it is a non edible product and it is 100% hygienic.

What happens when we spread spray foam?

vinieta_b Once we spread spray foam is expanded in a few minutes and all the gaps are filled.
vinieta_b After the foam is dry, trim excess.
vinieta_b To finish the insulation, we must install a thermal bar like drywall that generally are of compressed material panels.

Because spray foam insulation do not contract, no sags or no degrade helps to minimize the problems once discover the airholes.

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