Spray Foam Benefits

The capacity of expand over small areas makes to the spray foam be a ideal product to insulate steel frame structures and fill small zones like window lintels, small upright zones, flange beams, around of electrical boxes and much more entrances.

The fills of fiberglass often can results so dificult to work and it require much more workforce. When spray foam block the wind and the airholes, eliminates the need to apply additional techniques to insulate hermetically like caulk, drainage membranes or vapor barriers.

And much much more…

You won’t depend so much of your home’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system because it cause a big effect on your utility bills and your energy consumption.
Spray foam insulation can help reduce the workload on your HVAC system thanks to its high effectiveness.
vinieta_b minus HVAC SIZING & plus COMFORT
Spray foam insulation can reduce HVAC sizing as much more as 35% without the loss of efficiency and comfort.
vinieta_b ECOLOGICAL
All foams is formed by agriculture derivative resins and it not contains any kind of hydro clorofluorocarbonos (CFC) that are aggressive to ozone layer.
Spray foam insulation is not edible and therefore not subject to the action of pests or rodents and bacteria formation, g-ecofoam cares your family.
vinieta_b ITS LIFE IS LONG
Spray foam insulation is so light, moisture resistant and fungus and does not rot.


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